We all do this! We all save the best dinnerware in our homes for the guests to eat in, because as a fact, what type of dinnerware you use, is a reflection of your personality.  Are you fond of artistic and simple American made dinner ware? Do you like floral plates? Bright and fancy things attract you? These were some examples of what the design and type of dinnerware you use, can tell about you (and you thought it was nothing more than just plates!).

Do I Need New Dinnerware?

When was the last you buy a new plate? It doesn’t matter, because no matter how many American made dinnerware do you have, it always feels less.
Those empty shelves, they deserve some filling! The best solution is to decorate them with a new dinnerware, it’s time to give that shelf a new life. Dinnerware used to fill in shelves has a unique and a decent impact on the environment. Not only it makes you look more organized, but also more devoted to your house.

So, are all dinnerware the same? No, their quality is determined from where they have been manufactured and by their type. Starting with the manufacturing place, why do we prefer dinnerware made in the USA?

It is known for its durability and commercial importance. They are chip resistant and can serve you for longer than you expect them to. To have a better understanding, we have discussed the types of Dinnerware made in the USA.

Types of Dinnerware Made in America


Earthenware is basically ceramic and comes at a price lower than other types. However, it is often open to chipping and is not very durable. But if you are an artist looking for hand-painted dinnerware, hello, we found the type for you!

Stoneware Dinnerware

It is another type of ceramic dinnerware but is more durable and finer than earthenware. It has a smooth texture and since it is easy to use and to maintain, you should consider it for your everyday use.

Porcelain Dinnerware

It is the dinnerware made out of fine particle clay. We would call it the “royal dinnerware” because of its delicate and decent appearance. Moreover, it is durable, nonporous and microwave safe. When holding important events, this should be your go-to.

Here we fold the chapter of types and take you to a brief buying guide that will help you to find the best dinnerware for you.

Things to Consider while Buying American made Dinner Ware

Like not every shining object is gold, not every fancy plate is durable.
Hence, don’t do the mistake of falling for floral patterns, because it is not long before your kids will throw them and… they are in pieces. But don’t worry, this is why we are here! Read below to unfold the secrets to buying the right American made dinnerware.


By occasions we mean, is it formal or casual? If it’s a formal event, buy the porcelain one. Even though it is expensive, you want to give the guests a meal to remember, so it’s totally worth it. However, for casual use, go for more durable one, stoneware or earthenware. They might not be fancy but they can surely survive the falls.


Before you look for dinnerware, give yourself a questionnaire. Do I already have a dinnerware similar to this? My dinnerware should consist of sets or not? Will it go with the interior and wall painting of my house? After you have drawn the comparisons, select the dinnerware accordingly.


Tableware made in the USA can be in many different and eye-catching designs. Again, compare it with the rest of the interior and which designs would be comfortable to eat and drink in. The designs should not be distracting but again, it’s up to your choice.

These were some of the features that you can consider to buy the right dinnerware for you. As a fact, there is a chance that no dinnerware has all the required features in it but here are a few picks that we think can walk you to your right American made dinnerware sets.

Top 6 Best American Made Dinner Ware

Roaming in markets for several hours and still being unable to find the perfect dinnerware sets made in the USA. Frustrating, yes we know. Hence, we did you a favor and narrowed down the best dishes made in the USA. Go through them to find your next plates made in the USA!

 1.  222 Fifth

American made dinner ware

Looking for penny-plain yet an affordable dinner set? Here, we have it for you. This simple white dinnerware made in USA is a go-to on casual occasions. Since it is white in color, it makes the environment more soothing and light. You can enjoy your meal in a comforting dinner set in the most elegant way!

          • The swiss dots on the boundary of this plate gives it a decent look.
          • It is the cheapest dinner set on your screen.
          • It is light in weight.
          • Its durability is even more than ceramic dinnerware (it will break the floor but won’t break itself!).
          • The company uses 100% BPA-free melamine.
          • It can serve a large family.
          • It is satisfying and comfortable to hold it.
          • Dishwasher safe.

The entire cost is for its quality and we can tell, the design is so much more than the cost! It’s fairly popular among the customers as one of them couldn’t resist saying, “These are the perfect simple daily dinnerware when you have little kids.” So if you’re someone with children, go for them because they can survive all the ups and downs, literally.

2.  American Atelier

American made dinner ware

For people looking for stoneware dinnerware made in USA, stop. This is your place to find your dinnerware. American atelier brings to our tables the most casual, yet intriguing dinner set that radiates softness and calmness in the atmosphere. Are you someone with white walls? Buy this sky-blue dinner set to give your dining a pleasant effect.

          • It is the second cheapest made in USA dinnerware.
          • It serves a family of four people.
          • Thick and durable that prolongs its use.
          • If you are in search of lead and cadmium free dinnerware brands, this is the company you were searching for. You’re welcome.
          • It is dishwasher and microwave safe (a relief!).
          • Perfect for casual get-togethers or even for small parties!
          • This is the dinnerware to gift someone.

If someone you know bought a new house, then you should buy this dinnerware, pack it and send it their way because it is not only reliable but also looks expensive when we both know, it is not!

Customers owning it reviewed it as heavy plates (hence making them stronger and making them look expensive). They also commented on its unique and soothing color. So, add it to your cart and have your next meal in a comforting environment as they radiate the effect of waves overflowing each other.

3.  Certified International

American made dinner ware

People with artistic minds, you’re welcome here! This set of 12 pieces is a blessing in simple words. When the rough stokes blend into each other, they produce the shade of a clean ocean (because sadly, we don’t get to see that anymore). Anyone with white walls, add this to your dining because it certainly needs it to make up for the lack of colors in it.

          • It is heavy in weight, which shows it is strong and reliable.
          • It is durable so it will assist you for as long as you don’t give get tired of it.
          • Dishwasher safe.
          • It is 100% melamine.
          • The teal color is a unique color that you don’t get to see every day.

This reactive stoneware dinnerware made in USA is very rare and only the great minds can see the complexity of its colors. Hence, anyone with a unique taste will fall for it and comfortably use it in front of their guests. Buy it for formal occasions and reflect on how you think all messy things are art!

A customer described it as, “So elegant and vivid,” and we have to say, we can’t agree any less with you!

4.  Pangu Handmade 10 piece

American made dinner ware

This elegant and smoothly textured American made stoneware dinnerware is perfect for walls painted dark or a house with a decent interior. It makes your dinning look bigger and gives you a cool environment. With its soft colors, light topics are all you would want to talk about on the dinner table!

          • This set of 10 pieces, can be used to serve a big family and even on formal occasions.
          • It is one of the best stoneware dinnerware sets made in USA.
          • It is durable and reliable.
          • Here you have a dinnerware made in the USA lead-free and non-toxic.
          • All pieces are handmade into irregular shapes to ensure that each piece is different from the other.
          • It can be used in dishwasher and microwave safe.
          • Not all made in USA dinner sets can survive up to 572 degrees but this can, so you know why it stands out.

We find this homely, lead, and cadmium free dinnerware a perfect go-to for people who have an interest in modest things. It’s an opinion, the more unpretentious a thing is, the better your house looks.

Customers of this American made stoneware dinnerware seemed very satisfied as one of them said, “Bought one set and liked them so much that I bought another.” That, my friends, is very motivating.

5.  Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet Red 32

American made dinner ware

Now to get done with simple yet intriguing American made dinner plates, we will talk about floral designs. Yes! Does that excite you? If yes, then rest assured you have found your porcelain dinnerware made in USA. The white background neutralizes the colorful flowers, giving a very sweet and soft touch to these delicate plates.

          • The colorful flowers make all the occasions very delightful and bright.
          • Since it’s crafted of porcelain, it serves you for years.
          • It can be safe to use in both dishwasher and microwave.
          • 32 piece set hence it can be used on big events or for big families.
          • It is chip resistant.

If we were to buy, we would’ve bought this American made china dinnerware to take it along us on picnics! Imagine, you sipping tea in a cup painted with flowers in front of a lake. Ah, a dream! People who bought it commented on it saying, “Love love love them. The pattern is so cute and they are very nice quality!!”

When fashion combines with function, you get PFALTZGRAFF’s porcelain dinnerware made in USA.

6.  Pangu 16-Piece Dinnerware Set,

American made dinner ware

Our last pick is also our grand pick. This 16 piece set comes to us by PANGU American made dinnerware, one of the lead and cadmium free dinnerware brands. This dinnerware made in the USA is the simplest of all of the above. It is plain white and hence perfect for a dark room.

          • Pangu not only grand but also lead-free and non-toxic.
          • It is very reliable and durable.
          • It is made out of stoneware.
          • It can survive the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

Customers have bought them as a gift and the ones receiving them loved it! So it’s highly recommendable and a must add to cart!


We have covered all of the relevant American made dinnerware for you to make a fair and the right decision. But in the end, it depends on your budget and your taste. Good luck finding the right dinnerware!



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